It was wonderful! The kids were SO excited to earn their wings. This was a definite win and a great motivator to keep reading. Thank you for all the amazing things you create for our students!"

~ Kelli Campbell, Bristol Tennessee City Schools

The Very Airy Flight Crew

Echoing the beloved Book-It program many of us remember from childhood, 'The Very Airy Flight Crew' presents a summer reading challenge that allows kids to earn their WINGS—literally. Upon registering, each child embarks on a mission to read books throughout the summer, a goal that can be achieved with or without the help of their parents. Achieving this goal earns them their wings and access to a special livestream via a provided link and passcode, celebrating their accomplishment.

  • Very Airy Pilot Wings

    They're not just a reward; they're a testament to your courage, curiosity, and the spirit of discovery. Wear these custom diecast metal wings proudly, let them adorn your backpack, or display them as a beacon of your achievements.

  • Bumpy Blastoff Book

    Introduce your kids to Stan Tucker, the inspiring founder of Share Your Story and the host of The Very Airy Library, through this fun and humorous book.

  • Special Mission Instructions

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple: Read. The Very Airy Library's mission control invites you to read as much as you can this summer. You'll be provided with a log to track your progress.

  • Exclusive Zoom Party

    When the time is right, you'll submit your log and receive secret instructions to attend the graduation ceremony, broadcast live from the deck of The Very Airy Library.

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How it Works

1. Register your child.

2. Depending on your child’s age, they may choose one of two missions:

  • For younger kids, read 50 books with or without the help of a parent (e.g., "Pete the Cat," "The Very Hungry Caterpillar").
  • For older kids, read chapter books and track 500 minutes of reading.

3. Upon completing their reading objective and uploading their log to our website, they will receive an exclusive livestream link and passcode.

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