Share Your Story has enriched classrooms across America for nearly four years, and now it's available for homeschoolers! Try it with your kids and watch their love for writing transform!

  • Shannon, Homeschool Parent

    "I recommend it on a daily basis. I have a reluctant writer but this program is so engaging and creative that my little almost forgets she is writing and gets lost in the imaginative spark she gets from the videos. Thank you!"

  • Ryan Marsh, Father

    “This program has changed my son's life and we are forever grateful. We are thrilled with the successes that he has enjoyed from this experience.

  • Alisa, Homeschool Mom

    "I didn't know how much our oldest loved writing until we started this. It's the only lesson she ask if it's time to do!"

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What is Share Your Story?

Share Your Story is an eight-step writing experience that guides your child through writing their very own book—and everything you need comes in this beautiful kit!

  • Currently available for grades Pre-K through 5th with a multi-age option.
  • Easy for parents to teach!
  • Work at your own pace!
  • Watch as your child’s writing flourishes!
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What Does it Come With?

In this digital age, we want to give kids physical items they can hold and keep. Your child gets a unique felt folder packed with a full-color activity book, a rough draft book, a special pencil, an "I'm an Author" wristband and a hardcover book for their final draft.

  • Folder
  • Parent Guide
  • Student Activity Book
  • Video Lessons
  • Rough Draft Book
  • Hardback Book
  • Year Long Virtual Event Pass
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  • Are you frustrated with other writing programs?

    Share Your Story is super easy for parents to use, featuring clear steps and designed to allow you to work at your own pace. Plus, it gives your child an exciting goal to work towards: creating their very own book!

  • You decide what’s best for your child!

    The program is perfect for kids ages 7sh to 11sh. Whether you choose our grade-level version, tailored to scale with your child's learning level, or select our multi-age edition—designed to meet kids where they are—it's ideal for students who are in between grades.

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  • Development of Important Skills

    100% of teachers and administrators agree that Share Your Story enables students to practice crucial, standards-aligned skills. This data underscores that SYS serves as a powerful platform for writing skill development.

  • User-Friendly Experience

    An impressive 85.7% of teachers believe that Share Your Story is easy to use. Ease of use fosters a supportive environment, allowing educators to focus on teaching and students to engage more deeply in the curriculum.

  • Student Enjoyment

    An impressive 90.5% of teachers think that their students enjoyed the Share Your Story experience. SYS turns writing into an enjoyable adventure, motivating students to express themselves creatively.

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