Young Writers' Challenge Rules and Eligibility

Eligibility: The challenge is open to all students ages 8 - 14. 

Registration Period: Registrations open until July 15, 2024. 

Genres & Themes: All genres and themes are welcome.

Picture Books: Picture books need to be submitted on the official “Share Your Story” hardback book. We also ask that participants include a document of the copy: typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced.

Chapter Books: Chapter books may be submitted in a word document. Typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced.

Submission Deadline: All submission must be received no later than September 1st, 2024 via the submission link that will be provided.

Use of Artificial Intelligence: The use of AI or automated writing tools is strictly prohibited in the creation of the story. However, AI can be employed solely for the purpose of grammar and spell-checking. Any other use will result in disqualification.

Judging Criteria: Stories will be judged on originality, style, creativity, clarity, and suitability.

Scoring Matrix:

Each Story Element is a judge on a scale of 1-5.

  • Arc
  • Problem/Goal Resolution
  • Originality
  • Style
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Suitability
  • Overall

Winners are selected by the Leap for Literacy 501c3 volunteer board. 

Prizes: The 1st place winner  will have their book professionally illustrated and published via the Leap for Literacy Publishing Program.  We reserve the right to change the number of winners based on the amount and quality of submissions.

Announcement of Winners: Winners will be announced in the Fall 2024.

Illustration and Publication: Once a student’s book is selected, a professional illustrator is assigned. The illustration process takes up to six months. Upon completion, books are printed in hardback and paperback versions. *Additional copies will be available for purchase. 

Rights: By submitting to the challenge, participants grant the organizers the right to publish their stories in an anthology or promotional materials. All other rights remain with the author.

Disqualifications: Plagiarized content will result in immediate disqualification. Stories that contain inappropriate or offensive material will not be considered.

Reservation of Rights: We reserve the right to modify, amend, or change the rules at our discretion at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the participant or user to review and stay informed about any updates to the rules.

Queries: All questions related to the challenge can be directed to [].